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I've been in the business since 1995 and It seems that I am not charging enough. One of my questions is should I tell my clients (new policy) or first time customers when they ask me for weekly or a bi-weekly Maintenance Service that I will charge for a per visit service. Or should I keep on charging for an overall price per month for a weekly service?<p>For an hours worth of Full Maintenance (2 laborers in one of my trucks and my equipment) Services we charge max. for example $150 per month (4 times a month) on a weekly basis even though there are extra weeks (5th week) on those months they fall in. <p>Again, should I change my policy and charge for a per visit basis. Considering all the costs of doing business. Or should I start fresh from the next customer I get, if I start charging on a per visit basis.<p>Well, thanks in advance for your future responses to this Post. If you have dificulty understanding this Post, please let me know and I will try to make it a little bit clearer.<p>Thanks again.<br>CGS<br>
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