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Both have benfits. I used to charge all res. on weekly basis. But when July hit they would call off the service for 2 or 3 weeks we made no money. So what iam doing now is just like the condo ass. I figure out the price per cut then times it by normal amount of cutting per season. then cost for bush trimming time amount per season plus clean ups and other things like bed edging cultivating and so for then divide total number by 8 payments. This way I make the same amount each month plus we still have and get some lawn that want to be billed per push. But even when the lawn is sun burnt my guys are at that house doing somthing. Plus helps keep guys busy and you know what to budget for evry month. Have gotten some complaints about it when it real hot but as long as they see the guys at their house they keep cool. So far it works plus from talking to alot of others in same area they are all going towards that way of billing. Only ones that arent are the sasme guys that will be gone in 2 years since they decide to be a lwn mower one day and have no insurance or anything esle. Iam thankfull that most towns that we work in now make you show proff of ins. when you get a busniess lincese. So lot of the fly by night low baller companys are being removed from are area. Plus they are fineing and impounding companies that dont buy lic. in the towns or dont have prof of ins. Its great helps to get rid of the low ballers. SORRRY got lost for a second.
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