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how would u value a lawn/snowplowing biz if your could buy out someone? guy i know has approx`16 lawn accounts and 40 snowplowing. he keeps a guy busy 40 hrs a wk doing all lawn work and extrawork in the summer, he has a seperate job and does all snow removal himself and sands by hand. has 5 by 8 trailer, bobcat walkbehind and chevy 1-ton pickup with plow along with misc. tools and supplies. he wanted 20k for equip and 25k for accounts and i told him he was nuts. i would pay 20-25k for everything but this guy thinks he's got a goldmine. On the books he bills 700/week and his laborer doing all the work runs him approx. 300/week how would u value a lawn business. in another scenario i am thinking about selling my biz here in NY and going back to school to finish my bachelors, but that's another discussion.<p>----------<br>Stephen<br>
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