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Originally Posted by tthomass View Post
This was my display. First show I've done and next year I will double my booth size. It will include 'Blue' with a patio surround it and the bed landscaped. That will give me a ton of attention vs blending in with the others. My display was still effective and I got a lot of good leads and appointments. I highly recommend doing shows to anyone thinking about it. If all else you get to network with others related to the industry and also just being seen......getting your name out there. I know that this show was expensive compared to others across the country so take advantage of these opportunities. It is hit and miss but all you need is one job to recover the booth. You don't have to go all out with a $100,000+ display like some I know at the show.

Good plant variety, lot of attention I got on that. Laptop scrolling, candy, cards etc.
What program did you use to scroll through pictures? Also what size booth is that? Anything besides larger size you would change?
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