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Hi, I will answer a question with a question, andd maybe somebody can help me as well. How do you buy a lawn mowing account from another when most of the time (around here anyway) it is such a personal thing with the homeowners. If another guy showed up at my customers and started mowing their yard they would have a problem with it. If it ain't on paper, and you ain't buying an iron clad contract, then you ain't buying nuttin brother. Those people could bail on you in a minute and then you would be stuck with a big debt and no way to pay for it. I don't see this as a business you could sell like a restaurant or gas station! If I sell mine I will ask for my eqipment and thats all. I know some around here that sold a business for $100,000.00. He bought accounts, trucks, 10 year old mowers and started losing customers, I picked up some of them and others picked up more. Looking at figures may be deceiving, looking at your new customers may be reality when they say see ya!
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