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I bought a steiner mower last year, a 220 model with very low hrs. for the age & was well taken care of.Alot of the bigger guys in our city use steiners, & love them. Like any mower, they have their place. The steiner can have multiple places in your company 'cause of all the attatchments you can buy. However, it depends on you, the buyer. Are you a strictly mowing co.? Then a steiner isn't for you,unless it for a real good price, in which you can then expand into other side applications.<br>My 220 has a top speed of 11 mph, a hi & low range for hills, & will mow across the side of a hill better than ANY Zero turn- I've tried most of them. It leaves a nice cut too, & yes you can do heavier cutting with it, if you have too; plus with all the attatchments out there, you can take on more diverse acct.s,'cause you can do more than just mow for them, bringing in more $$ per customer, & give you things to do when it's the middle of summer & the grass isn't growing.<br> As far as price goes, I couldn't afford a new one either. That's why I bought a used one. Don't buy one if you need a mower only; buy it as an investment tool that will help with alot of grounds care needs. It leaves stripes like no other mower, too, which makes a nice statement on your acct.'s.
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