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There's a farmer near me, in Lebanon OH, that does real well with them.

He also runs a farm market & country store with an orchard, small vineyard, petting zoo and playground for the kids.
And he has different festivals in the summer often with clowns, magicians, bluegrass bands, folk artists, etc.

I asked him one time about what he did special in raising such nice blueberries.

All the old man would say to me then, was: "We use vinegar in the soil"

(And you should have seen the soil in the area around the blueberries !
Absolutely perfect texture & consistency !!)

That does make sense.
Vinegar, used consistently, would serve to maintain a lower pH.

Blueberries love a pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5, so I'm told.

Our pH levels around here average in the mid to upper 7's naturally; this area having limestone / dolomite bedrock.

Why he doesn't just use sulfur...I don't know ??
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