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This question is for the other guys out there who are licensed pesticide applicators. <p>Last summer up here in Ontario wasn't too bad as far as grub damage goes. Certainly not when compared to the year before. We used Diazanon 5g coated on crushed walnut shells for the first time and it seemed to be quite effective. The previous year we went with Chlorpyrifos with mixed results. Now obviously the brutal drought we had in '98 had a lot to do with the results when compared to this past summer. <p>Anyhow I'm curious as to what you guys used for grubs (and chinch) and how effective it was. As I said, Diazanon was effective for us but it pricey and we had some well-timed rain this past summer. <p>Looking forward to your responses.<p><p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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