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I believe what is referred to is diatomaceous earth, the fossilized remains of prehistoric ocean creatures which act like razor blades against insects which contact it. Expensive for anything other than a small garden plot.<p>I dislike diazinon due to the fact that it kills all insects in the soil, good and bad alike.<p>Merit is the preferred choice by far where I am in central CT. I have had no need for it but others have had great success.<p>None of my customers have ever had a grub problem severe enough to warrant insecticide application. With my own lawn, I feed the birds thru the winter and discontinue around mid-March, the birds take care of the grubs for me. Most of my customers, or their neighbors, follow the same approach. Once you start dumping diazinon on a lawn, it discourages birds and such from feeding since theres nothing left for them to eat, and when the insect population eventually recovers it seems its the beetle grubs and such which come back in exponential quantities. Puts you in a vicious cycle.<p>Bill
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