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Originally Posted by Cutting 4eva 21 View Post
I can see where using vinegar would help but i guess that would also vary around the states. Another words climate control is different. Our ph level around here is typically 6.0-7.0 we dont have alot of limestone in the soil. Im gona talk with some locals around here and see about the vinegar. thanks again
At a 6.0-7.0 range you may not need to do any pH adjustment.

(But I think it'd be wise to have some samples professionally tested for pH...not the 'box store' pH testers, either!)

Again...I never got a straight answer from the old fellow why they used vinegar...he is certainly 1st generation American; of German or Dutch descent w/ a strong accent, and he was struggling to find the right words to tell me that day.

In my opinion, if you had to lower pH; split-pea sulfur would work just as well.
Maybe better, because it'd be more likely to bond to the soil structure over a long period, and not 'leach out'.

Maybe check this site out...(you'll probably find more help there than with all the lawn-jockeys oh here !!)

" Dave's Garden "
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