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Well, I haven't advertised much, but this past season, I wanted to pick up some parking lots to plow snow at. I sent out a post card to 100 business in July advertising a Christmas in July snow plowing special. I did not list what the special offer was, but stated that you had to call by July 25th to recieve the special offer.<p>Well, I got one call. I did land the job. I sent out post cards to the same 100 business in Oct./Nov. and got about a dozen calls. I guess this shows that people are not really inerested in snow removal in July. <p>So does this appily to lawn work? I don't know, but thought that I would share my experience.<p>I also send out my renewal letter for my existing lawn accounts early, and place a flyer advertising discounts for early spring clean-ups, and mulchings, ect, and most people wait till the last minute, and want things done now.
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