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I agree with an earlier post that the earlier you attain customers, the more you can cherry pick through the jobs. We receive calls all year round for lawn and landscape work. So in my opinion it is never too early. Here in Connecticut, the economy has treated us well, and customers feel like they need to be on a list for preferential service in the Spring (they are correct). However, be careful not to give too much away for nothing. I would expect that you get signed contracts for a year, and then issue a credit, but you should consider the size of the credit and when you will supply it. i.e. maybe the 'free' month should be October, or 1 cut off each of four months, etc. We only offer 1 discount - that is a certain percentage (usu. 5-10%) off with full pre-payment for the season received with a signed contract in March or April. If you offer too much or hi-lite 'Free' anything in your advertisement, you might attract a pool of ultimately the wrong type of customers. Also, like Jeff mentioned previously - you should do something for your current customers too!<p>Here is another thought that I often share when asked this question -<p>Have you already maximized the amount of services you are providing to your current customers? A lot of companies could make more money, by widening the range of services to their client base, and providing more thorough customer service rather than add more jobs to the list.<p><p><br>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -<br>
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