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I am using a 48&quot; Exmark walk behind. I am new so I don't know exact figures. About how many gallons per acre do these things use, roughly. How do you all go about figuring loading, unloading and drive time between properties? I think a lot of people here don't figure that in but that reduces your profit per hour. Also do you figure in gas on your trucks? Here is kinda the way I see it I could be wrong:<br>Example for one job that takes 50 min. billed at $45<br>Gas(mower and truck) $3<br>Depreciation on Equipment 1<br>Labor 8<br>Liability insurance 1<br>Profit 32<br>Total for job $45<br>Time to get to next job 10min<p>Here is my point:<br> If you don't figure in that 10 min travel time and you think you are making $32 profit per 50 min. You are making .64 cents per minute. If you figure in the time it comes to .53 cents per minute. The breakdown is $38.4/hr when not factoring travel time or $31.8/hr if you are factoring travel time. It plays a pretty big factor.<br>254.4 profit for 8 hr day factoring 10 min. lost travel time per hour.<br>307.2 profit for 8 hr day not factoring in time.<br>
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