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Ground Pearls

I have a customer that has ground pearls. They are a scale insect that lives under ground and attack the roots of turf. Has anyone had any sucess with slowing them down using organic methods? There are no "normal" chemicals to control them fully except for fumigation, even then only limited sucess and you kill the turf. I want to help this guy out as I was highly recomended to him. All the big fert/squirt companys around here sell them down the river once they have a ground pearl infestation.

This is my thinking: Ground pearls attach to the roots and suck the juices out of the turf, causing it to decline and inhibits its ability to use water. If he was put on a very agressive compost topdressing and aeration regimine, would it allow the grass to out compete these lil boogers. If you have had any experience w/ them let me know what you did and how it went.
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