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Typically hand bills or flyers will yied 1%, and if you're really lucky you might get 2%, no more than 3%.

Sales is a game of numbers. You have to track your phone calls and know from where they are coming if you're advertising in different ways. Plus you need to know your closing rate on the calls or contracts you put out.

For example:

A) Put out 10,000 flyers for 100 phone calls.

B) Prequalify calls - offer about 60 bids

C) 50% closing rate means you'll get 30 contracts.

The more targeted your flyers/advertisements, you'll get more qualified callers/inquiries. And, the better you are at selling/pricing, the higher your closing rate.

Regardless, you'll never know unless you track it. This way if you know you want 60 new customers, either you have to put out 20,000 flyers, or find other ways to tweek your sales process and tarteted marketing efforts.

Cutter3 - you may be new at this and therefore won't have the numbers, but you can estimate what they might be and as you track your successes over the next two years, you'll know better what to expect three years from now when you're looking to add another XX number of customers.

Good luck with the growth of your business.
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