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Iíve been in a BNI group all last year and finally quit in November. The biggest problem is the leads. First, the ones I got were mostly non-leads. They were from members either questions or wanting some personal work doneÖ maybe. The good ones, actual referrals, were few and far between for me. The other problem was the leads I did get were all over town.

Next is the problem of producing leads. I was too busy to mingle with people who might have needed the services of the other members, so each week I almost hated to attend without a good lead. I felt a lot of pressure going there.

Then there is the problem of time. We met every Wednesday at 7a for breakfast, but didnít get to passing out the leads until around 8:15a. It was 8:30 or later when I got out of there. Too late for me.

It cost me about $250 for the yearís membership, and I believe I can spend that $250 in a much more effective way this year. Iím going to do flyers again this year, and maybe a newspaper ad.
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