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For instance.. If you receive a call for a one time job.. What do you do with their information (name, addy, phone)? Do you put it in your computer address book?

I have a Phone Message book. I tear out the top copies each morning when I print route sheets for that day's work. The quote will be done by appointment or where it falls on the route. I indicate these on the route sheet with a pink highlighter on the property closest to the quote.

If I get to the property and am interested in the work, I copy the info into my organizer on custom info sheets I make myself. It has all the info relevant to the property and jobs to be done. I use worksheets and a calculator to quote residential mowing work, and write prices for these on the back of my business cards in spaces I had printed there. If noone is home, I leave the card on the door. For commercial work, the info goes back to the office, and is included on a formal quote.

Do you have a database you add them to?

Yes, but I only do this after I schedule the work. In some cases, I make arrangements to do work over the phone, which means I need to add info to the database after the fact.

Same customer accepts your written proposal.. What do you do with the paperwork?

I keep a copy on the hard drive, and a backup copy on the Zip drive. Residential work stays in the organizer.

Do you create a file for that client? Or do you have a single file for all the one time jobs?

Single file with copies of invoices, but only for work performed.

How 'bout yearly maintenance clients? Do the signed contracts go into a single file or an inividual?

Commercial clients have their own file, others are only in the computer. I try to minimize hard paper copies where I can. Once I get a laptop (and thermal printer), I won't do much writing by hand at all.

Hope this helps.
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