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Are you talking about this company?

I'm in Minneapolis and I have not head of them, but that does not say much, since I'm sure many people have not heard of my company.

A quick 20 second look at that website looks OK. They know about and apply compost tea and mycorrhizal fungi (even though they spell it wrong in a few places ) which is a good thing
However they mention they use organic corn gluten which is questionable, (there is currently only one company in the world that sells OMRI certified corn gluten and sometimes they do not have it in stock) All this means is that they may be using the same thing that 99.99999....% of everyone else is using, corn gluten from GMO corn plants. In their defense they do not say certified organic, just organic so that's a plus in the trust dept.

At first glance it looks like they know what they are doing. Which is saying ALOT, most natural/organic companies statements are glaring with untruths easy to find in 2 secs.

Give them a try and ask a lot of questions.
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