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You have double the lifting power with the switch and go over the hooklift. A hooklift doesn't have the dumping power and it doesn't have the pulling power.

Hooklifts are heavy you have all that extra weight of a swing arm etc.

The switch and go is light but strong that doesn't eat up the payload.

It may take longer to swap out bodies who cares you want the power when your pulling on a bin that will make the front tires bounce off the ground.

When I ran conventional hoist tandem axle the front end would bounce up and down when pulling on a heavy can.

I have watched a local guy with a 9000lb capacity hooklift on a F-450 the thing was sucking wind pulling on a box with 5000lbs in it.

Your cab over will easily carry the weight it is stopping the weight is the problem. You will probably want to put the best brake pads possible to maximize the smaller brakes.
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