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I instruct the guys to follow the mail man's route. If that means there is a clear path through the yard, follow it. Otherwise, walk on pavement. Never, never walk through beds or on people's lawns, particularly well manicured ones. Actually go a complain once.

We work in area of Cleveland that is older, houses built in early 1900's up to about 1930's.

After reading the book, "The Millionaire Next Door", I reevaluated my target audience. I used to target the larger homes in the area, but we weren't getting the work that I wanted from them. Often wondered why some of their lawns look like crap. It's because they're living beyond their means and can't afford to live in the hosue let alone have someone do the work. They may earn big incomes, but they have big expenses too! Maybe no savings.

We now targe affluent, well to do areas, but smaller homes where the cost to keep the house up isn't as high. The installs are usually under $10 K, so we're in and out on those projects. The maintenance doesn't require big mowers, instead the it's the detail orientation and quality of service and relationship that counts in their eyes.

Works for us.
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