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Jim is right - I've used this technique on a few realy hard to collect accounts and it works pretty well. I've actually put liens on a few properties too - some have paid, some haven't. It's very effective if the property owner is thinking about selling the property soon - I had one lady (mad as hell) come back and pay me 8 years later - because she needed to remove the lien on the house so she could sell it (that's with interest by the way). She had told me it would be a cold ady in hell when she paid me (after I got a court judgement on her) - when she paid, I called her up and asked to borrow a snow shovel - because I heard the forecast was for snow down here in hell - she was VERY pissed. Guess I had the last laugh.

By the way, I got a court judgement against a deadbeat customer last year. OF course he didn't pay. He was getting ready to move and I knew it was now or never to collect (as I would soon loose track of him). Long story short - I filed a lien/siezure of assets against his pick-up truck. The cops siezed his truck and gave him 10 days to come up with the $800 he owed. He didn't. The truck was sold at auction and I got a check 2 days later for the $800. That was a sweet one too. The whole process took about 3 months though. But, I got paid!
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