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I have drove conventional rolloff hoists I know what they can do. I have had the reeving cable snap before the hoist powered out. With a hooklift you need a larger hoist for the load you want to pull on. Larger hooklift more weight less payload. The only benefit I see a hooklift for is tight confined spaces where you can't lift rails all the way up.

If you get a heavy bin and put a snatch block on the switch and go you would probably rip the hook off the bin

The only thing you have to watch with a conventional rail hoist is pulling the bin on straight. I have had bins with bent long sills so they didn't want to pull up the rails properly. If your not watching the bins long sills can hop over the hoist rails and your in trouble. I had bins where the side has blown out pulling the bin on and looking in the mirror and something is wobbling on the side the bin side has pretty well broke away from the bin floor.

Lots of fun
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