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Take me thru the first steps.

Ok, I am giving this a blind stab. I have spent a few hours on the learning curve trying to put together a web site.
I am using Microsoft Front Page. I have been doing ok so far and Iam just looking to get into this by getting my toes wet. I do not want to pay a designer to make a site right now. I want to do it myself.

My mission is simple I want to add the website to flyers and to biz cards and mayby on the bumper of my truck. I want the site to expand on the services I have. I know that there are many ways to go about it but tell me the simplest way.

Do I design the site, then register my domain and then somehow publish the site and refine it.
Are there any tricks to use with Front Page.
I am committed to keep using Front Page for now so please only help me with this.

What are the steps from beginning to having that page show up on the web??

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