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Saw new walkbehinds today.......

I saw the new Pro G today at the New England Grows show in Boston and it looks nice, glad you got rid of the wiscon engine that kept me from even looking at them. Twin Kawi. much better choice. Does it cut as well as the old deck? I have the PRO-150 (1996)36" and this mower gives a quality of cut unmatched by any other mower that I have EVER used. I use this thing on some big lawns to because it cuts so well(quality and striping). Does the new deck cut this well? I sure would like a hydro I just can't give up my old mower! I need proof, I can't wait until my dealer gets one.

P.S. while I'm here my opinion on the following. I got to use a friends new(one year old) Gravely two wheel tractor and think that the Robin/Subaru engine stinks on it, no torque. My 1983 5665 will out cut the new one two to one in brush, to bad the Kohler K301 doesn't meet emisions, its one tough engine, tons of torque and takes a beating. Is ther a different engine other than the Vanguard 16, maybe a 14 Kohler OHV?
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