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I just got fired by a client like this. She hadn't paid a bill in the month it was due in over a year. I send out bills on the 1st, if they aren't paid by the 15th, I call. Some are chronic late payers, but they do pay, so I leave them alone. This lady had an over 60 and hadn't returned my calls. She claimed to have had a death in the family.

OK, so when the check comes, and this happens again, I stop the service until the bill is paid. This happened 3 more times this past year and she gets mad because I did her lawn when it was convenient for me, not when she wanted it cut. and I didn't do cleanups to her standards, and put other clients ahead of her. I don't like to be fired, but sometimes it's for the best. She did call to get a balance on her account, and with the letter came a check. I guess I should have put prompt paying clients ahead of her. Sure thing, I'll get right on that!

This was a bad year for cash people letting 2 cuts go by and then not having the money to pay. 3 or 4 I can think of like that.
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