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Harold - Good point. Yellow pages may buy some credibility. Ultimately though I think it comes down to your target audience.

Cost wise, I don't want to spend $200 or $300 a month ($2400 to $3600 annualy) when I can put out more directed efforts that meets our needs for about the same cost.

Several years ago I quit delivering flyers since I thought we didn't want all the 'crap' calls that come from people looking for the lowest price. For whatever reason, few people are now delivering flyers in the neighborhoods we work (probably because it's work).

I was pleasantly surprised this last year when on a whim we started delivering flyers (needed something for the guys to do that day and figured what the heck). We got a lot of phone calls from people who had moved into the area in the past 3 years, ready to do work on their landscape. They didn't know who to call. So the timing was good. We will continue with it until we don't see the return.

Bottom line - people will buy when they're ready to buy. Someone not thinking about a job won't see the ad in the YP unless they look. But, on the other hand, when they are ready to buy you're there and they see your name/ad. It all depends on who your target audience is and what you're communicating to them. For some it will work, others not as well.
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