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It has alot to do with all the variables involved as far as what is worth the money and what is working. Every business is in a different stage of progression and establishment. Obviously the new guy should spend as much as he can afford and any avenue that may work, the established business can pick and choose a little more if he wants. I think to build your business you have to try a variety of different areas to advertise. even an established business with referrals coming to them may need to advertise in different areas also. I guess it all depends on your current workload and what you want to take on additionally.If you are looking to be huge, you will need to spend alot of money and will have to spend it in all areas and take the good percentages with the bad. If you advertise in a variety of areas and find one particular area to work best, I don't think you should merely advertise there. I think you still need to try some different areas as well. I guess we all have our own thoughts on this and what works for one certainly may not for another. Regardless, there are always price shoppers and weeding them out is part of the business.
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