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Originally Posted by RedMax Man View Post
So are saying yours hasn't been reliable?
Welds are extremely poor quality, almost all the welds on the latch stystem for the gates have broken and had to be beefed up. The wiring had to be redone last year, not quite sure why it ever broke, cant say its definetely the fault of the trailer, but it definetely not the fault of the users. Brakes have held up well, and it pulls straight, recently the hub bearing mysteriously worked itself loose so we had to take it apart and tighten it. Overall I'd rate the trailer a 6 out of 10, not the worst but not the best, oh and the trailer is maybe around 2 years old. If you're just holding onto it for now until you get an enclosed you'll probobly be fine, I actually plan on getting an enclosed this year too. But yeah, it wont be a carry-on. Best of luck with it this upcoming season.
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