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Hi;<p>My name is Dave Kechnie. I come from a Canadian city with a population of 80,000. I have an extensive background in the turf industry(golf courses). This area has been very rewarding but I'm now looking for a change. Owning a business has always been of interest. My question is where do I begin. Where do I get stats in this industry? Is this field of work growing, declining or stable? What professional organizations are the best to belong to? Do I focus on residential or commercial? Do I have a landscape division? Is spraying and fertilizer applications viable? How many fertilizer and spraying programs do you offer? What is the best mower on the market? How do you estimate or bid on properties? Do you ask the competition what they are charging or is this to bold? I know this is alot to ask but any information to help me make a decision would be greatly appreciated. Also is there any literature that directly relates to every aspect of this industry.<p>Sincerely;<br>Dave Kechnie
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