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In an effort to be helpful, I'll be terse:<br>1.) Stats? Don't need 'em really, just keep asking questions and get all the free magazines.<br>2.) Growing (big time)<br>3.) Local organizations are best, I'm a member of the PLCAA - it's okay, but not the best I belong to.<br>4.) Commercial, but you may start res, since they're earier to aquire good paying accounts early w/ resdential.<br>5.) Yes, landscape, start w/ landscape upgrades for maintenance customers and work from there. Landscape install tend to be more profitable than maintenance.<br>6.) Yes, get licensed and aplly your own fertilizer. If not the very first year, contract it, sub it out and do it next year when you'll have enough customers to justify the addition equipment.<br>7.) I offer 5 apps.<br>8.) Exmark (My opinion) they seem to be the most &quot;in-tune&quot; with the mowing contractor. But buy a mower you can get parts/service for immediately - (good dealer)<br>9.) Estimate the time it takes and bid $35-40 per man/hour (in my market) Do top notch work to build your reputation and ultimately make more money.<br>10.) Don't ask your competetion in your area, ask someone from out of state.<p>In a nutshell.<br>
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