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Originally Posted by 02DURAMAX View Post
Man and Im just about to buy a muffler for gets annoying after 3 Years..LOL...let me know if you want my set up I'll sell it to you cheap..
you dont like it huh, well if i do it im going to get the cat black system from GM so i can keep my warrenty i have talked to them quite alot about it and they say if it is a certified gm part it wont void it, But i think it will be cool i love the whisling sound coming out of the pipe it's 5'' pipe but ill put a nice 6'' tip on and it will look bad as hell.
i pulled up to a 08 the other day and we wernt racing but he had 6'' dual exaust and cold air intake and a blo off valve it was sweet

My freind's dad has a 05 cummins 3500 and he drove it to practice the other day and he wanted to race, I really dident want to because i had just chiped my elbow last practice but he really wanted to go he was just blowin smoke on me so i decited id had enuf of that goat next stop light i wasted that dodge 2 lenths before i got out of the intersection he really dident care because it's his dads truck with two chips in it and my d-max is bone stock!
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