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ff1221, the set went well today well the half I was at anyway. Had to go to a funeral. Hopefully we are done with the winter crap now, I think everyone has had enough. I don't know Chad at all but he's scheduled to do one of my houses in a few weeks.
We only take on a few new customers each year and we try to dump a few crappy ones. She usually only takes on referrals from existing customers. We try to do as few sweeping jobs as we can, it's not a lot of fun. We do a fair bit of spraying and a little fert. We try to do a variety of jobs with just a few customers. At one time it was a plan to have me go full time too but she's too hard for me to work for so I guess I'll keep the day job.
I just took a look at one of your threads, nice looking massey's. My wife has likely seen you around, she only lets me cut our lawn. I don't keep the lines straight enough and try to do more than we are paid for.
Here's some of my equipment.
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