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Hey, just checking out ur page and what i have done is gone to each page and found any typos, good things or bad things or whatever to help u improve ur page. not criticizing ur page at all for i really like it, just want to help u out and help u make it better, thats what we are here for right? looks very good for being done in only one week, frontpage is great software isnt it?
first thing that has caught my eye is under services under fall clean its leaves not leafs. for your links at the top of the services page anyway to make them one row or the same amount on the two rows? also no need for two sets of links for each service in my opinion, if i were u i would remove the set on the left and leave the text. ON ur aeration page u repeat urself in the first paragraph last sentence. On your mulching page the last paragraph i dont think is needed it just repeats the fact that u prefer to use ceder mulch. Once again on fall clean page u use leafs instead of leaves. I know on ur homepage u want the services page to stand out but the size just doesnt look right. ilove ur backround on the homepage may i ask where u got it? also the patch of grass looks perfect. Other thing that caught my eye is the good graphics that u use to help show instead of tell about ur services especially on the aeration page. you may want to put the links on homepage next to each other instead of up and down, the marquee (sp) i think its called is awesome, great eye catcher!
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