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Thanks guys.

The reason I started this thread is to get guys like you doing just what you did. I thank you.

I take all input as positive. It will help me to further develop and refine the site. Everyone likes positive feedback its human nature and I appreciate it also. I do however know that this is my first effort and there are many people with differing skill levels that see different things. If you see something that doesn't look right to you then I want to know because it may not look right to my customers. Its not personal, its business. Any comments help make my business better. I welcome ALL comments.

I am not trying to sell anything to anyone on Lawnsite but I am going to be using this site to sell to my customers. The more input I have is a bonus to me.
Thanks NewOrleans for your thoughts also. Hows the Headache after MardiGras?

I thank you gents for viewing the site and wish you success on your own endeavors.
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