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Originally Posted by davedealer View Post
You know we or our ancestors were all immigrants here looking for the same things that todays "illegals" are. A chance to work hard to make a better life for yourselves and your kids. What ever happened to "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" (inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.) My grandparents were born here but my Great grandparents weren't. Who are we to say who deserves a chance to work hard and succeed.
You miss the point.... your ancestors were legal. They struggled, worked hard and PAID TAXES. They are illegals because they don't PAY TAXES. But, they get food stamps, and all sorts of other govt monies that YOUR ancestors (and mine) did not get. These people COULD get green cards... but they don't want to, as they would have to PAY TAXES.

I welcome them with open arms, IF they are wanting to be legal immagrants... but they don't want to be legal immigrants. I ask, WHO are THEY to make my company less profitable while paying no taxes, getting free medical benefits and food stamps?
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