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Originally Posted by Whitey4 View Post
You miss the point.... your ancestors were legal. They struggled, worked hard and PAID TAXES. They are illegals because they don't PAY TAXES. But, they get food stamps, and all sorts of other govt monies that YOUR ancestors (and mine) did not get. These people COULD get green cards... but they don't want to, as they would have to PAY TAXES.

I welcome them with open arms, IF they are wanting to be legal immagrants... but they don't want to be legal immigrants. I ask, WHO are THEY to make my company less profitable while paying no taxes, getting free medical benefits and food stamps?
Yawn, how many times are you going to state the tax deal along with heatlth (like day 4 for ya). ---yawn------WHO CARES! Lets deport all the 12,000,000 illegals, our gov knows about, and our taxes will be lower or null. Plus you do not even need a SS to open some check accts...

You still fail to realize that there are non-illegalís that do 100% what you posted...

Those crazy new yorks whine whine whine..

Then again if someone wants to melt their brain in the Texas sun for $20 an hour or $5, have at it! Problem I see is this issue will NEVER stop. You can't.

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