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Originally Posted by DAFFMOBILEWASH View Post
On the gas vs diesel delema I'm at a cross road again. A few years back everything in the fleet was diesel, then I had some issues with a few injector pumps and went back to gas. Not with the cost of fuel rising again the diesel is looking good again. I think it is going to come down to what is the best deal on a given aution.

While we are talking about cool gagets, has anyone installed any GPS systems into thier trucks. Thought it would be a good idea in the winter in case of a lawsuit. If these systems could be tracked using your at home computer it would take the guesswork out of when you got there and the time you left plus the date and times would be trackable.

The guy I subbed for this year had GPS tracking on all his trucks and his salt truck with a salter sensor. I will definatly have this next year. I did just get a device from telus called an asset tracker which is a small sticky pad sized tracking device that pings ever 30 minutes for $30 a month. Will tell you where that peice of equipment its. Pretty cool.

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