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Originally Posted by gsxr1100 View Post
Yawn, how many times are you going to state the tax deal along with heatlth (like day 4 for ya). ---yawn------WHO CARES! Lets deport all the 12,000,000 illegals, our gov knows about, and our taxes will be lower or null. Plus you do not even need a SS to open some check accts...

You still fail to realize that there are non-illegalís that do 100% what you posted...

Those crazy new yorks whine whine whine..

Then again if someone wants to melt their brain in the Texas sun for $20 an hour or $5, have at it! Problem I see is this issue will NEVER stop. You can't.
It can stop very easily if the govt would do there job and go after every employer that hires illegals. Put a stop to giving them jobs and the illegals will stop coming here.

I don't know what bank you deal with but there isn't a bank one I've went to that doesn't ask for a photo ID and your SS# to open up an account here. Personal or Business accounts. You can deposit a million or one dollar and they still want your SS# so they can keep track of you.
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