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I like how some people don't think that anything can change. I hope we can do something about the illegals. Part of me feels bad for many of them, legal or not. Because they just don't know. Cant blame a dog for being a dog. I talked to one legal el salvadorian whose been here at least 15 yrs and he was complaining about how the gov't takes taxes. In his country, there was probably corruption and little education, road care, police and fire/rescue, and they don't really pay taxes or know what happens to the money when they pay them. He looked at me wierd when i told him our taxes pay for police, new roads, his 4 kids education. I asked if he ever paid a school bill? No. Then do you think teachers teach for free? Then who pays them? We all do. Legal immigranst hate illegals more than those of us here all our lives. But illegals either gotta get legal or go.
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