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hey, i will give u my thoughts/suggestions/comments/questions etc on each page, i will do this to help u and nothing against ur knowledge.
Home Page: looks awesome! only found one thing im not crazy about and thats the clock, kinda a pain in the but, looks nifty though.
Services Page: looks great also, i love the picture, only thing is that darn clock lol.
Insurance page: great idea, very professional, ur state contractor is not aligned though.
from the owner: looks good, maybe put the links on the left like the rest?
Sample Agreement page: looks great
Gallery: u have a nice property, good idea about using thumbnails
links page: awesome, i love all the banners, great idea for a links page, is ur link on there pages? fair is fair.
Landscape info page: absolutly awesome, very informative, perfect
turf diesese: even better then the above page, great pictures, very informative
rest looks great to.

in conclusion u have an awesome page, it looks like a webpage company made it and u would probably pay hundreds of dollars for it.
STS Lawn Care
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