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Originally Posted by Frank Fescue View Post
find a way to take advantage of a situation rather than sit back and whine about it. finding someone to work hard for half the money as some lazy college kid is neccisary.
What do you think I did? I went into business for myself and became one of the few certified applicators in Hawaii who actually works for a living. There are quite a few certified applicators here, but I do not know of many that do more than sit on their fat A$$ and give out dumbed down instructions to a nonEnglish speaking worker who is being paid minimum wage. My price per M is what you on the continent are struggling to get per acre. But my whole business is not oriented towards mass production. I deliver results on lawns and landscapes that costed the homeowner over $10,000 to isntall. Normally, the "landscaper" who installed the masterpiece keeps the maintenance contract on the property as a given. However, when the plants and lawns looks like crap even though it is being maintained by a company with over 10 trucks and 50 employees. I get the job. The issues are uncontrolled weeds, insect infestation, and poor health of the plant material due to a dumbed down fertilizer program. I do not landscape, mow or install irrigation, there are lots of companies who do that well enough. I what the "landscapers" cannot seem to do professionally and correctly.
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