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Too bad I can't edit my original post and change the subject.....big time hijack here......remember that those who are not licensed did not have to spend any money on classes or licenses, did not have to spend the time in classes, and start showing a profit with the first application each year. If I see anyone applying chemicals w/out proper license you can count on a call to the dept of ag. I can't even have a spreader or a bag of fert in my pickup that is not secured somehow because of all the roadside inspections in CT they are everywhere everyday. I have modified my travel routes to try to stay on backroads. I spent money on hooks and chains and tiestraps. I wish sometimes that I worked for the DOT or EPA, with all the violations that I see everyday. If I have to secure my stuff so should everyone else.

And how about another hijack about cops talking on their cell phones and speeding while driving, especially off duty? If I worked for the DOT could I drive around with a trailer that has an unsecured load and hand out tickets to those whose loads are not secured?
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