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pricing for planting trees

OK.. I have done some landscaping but have run across a potential job, that I am not sure how to go about pricing. The customer has aleady purchased a 1200# maple tree (the trunk is about 15 inches in diameter according to the customer) and a 15 gallon crab apple tree from a nursery. They are wanting me to go to the nursery to pick them up, bring them to their residence, and plant them both. I realize that alot of the pricing strategy depends on numerous factors, distance to job site, # of workers, etc., etc. I am not a large company by any means. it is myself and a long time friend that do most of the work. every now and then we will hire an additional person to come on, depending on the size of the job. I have no building or company vehicle payments, etc. Basically no overhead what so ever. The only landscaping i have done to this point has been landscape beds that have been 200 - 1200 sq feet with 3 gal shrubs and 5 to 15 gallon trees. The large maple is what is throwing me here. It is my understanding that alot of contractors double or sometimes even triple the price of the trees to be planted. The customer purchased the maple for $385. I was thinking of charging them somewhere between $600 - $700. Any thoughts? My expenses for this job would be about $100-$150 to rent a tilt-trailer and renting an auger to dig the hole for about $40 from home depot. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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