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im really likin the power broom actually! works awsome, used it on my property and my front lawn had mega snowmold on it, was just rediculus and as long as you dont put it down to far it sweeps just perfectly, myns got the front casters on it also so that helps to keep it from diggin excessively but my back lawn was a bit wet and if your not uset to it, yes it can do a little damage I had a dethatcher rake deal for the walker before but all that stupid thing did was plug the deck up with soil and crap so enough of that, I got the cleanest front lawn on the street now, even swept up the od grub picked up a new customer yesterday, things are slow but then again im not really looking for too many new propertys, still waiting for a mega big commerical deal, maby it will come thru, maby not....
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