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Originally Posted by nosparkplugs View Post
I have been running at least one Dodge 2500 gas truck since We started in 2000, and have sold a 02 Ford F-350 7.3L crew cab dually long list of problems continued problems with front brake rotor warping, to a failed sprag gear in the transmission at 45,000, Cam postion sensor failures, poor HEUI injector performance.
I have had absolutly no problems with our Dodge trucks: no electrical problems, the cabs are air tight, Beds are soild, front end's are or did hold up well, the suspensions/leaf springs are Heavy duty. I don't know what other folks consider quality fit & finish, we are happy with how the Dodge interior has weathered commercial use.

The 5.9L Cummins diesel option & 48RE Transmission, are a dependable & soild seller here in the Midsouth, thier are many nice rigs Dodge 2500/3500 towiing & hauling heavy loads down the interstate.
Good trucks. I just bought my 7th in the past nine years. No truck is perfect though. The pre-01.5's that I had were prone to warping the front rotors---not the end of the world. We've put 2 lift pumps and 1 injection pump in the '99 in 142,000 miles so far---could have been a lot worse.
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