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Let the oil fields or the mining operations have a Dodge and see how long it lasts

Ford trucks are bought by Mining companies and other resource based operations for a reason. For one Dodge has a very unreliable 4wheeldrive system the axle interlock isn't reliable you need manual hubs. Dodge has bad problems with wheelbearings. Dodge uses cheap sheet metal that cracks and fails.

If you are using a truck for offroad use like mining operations don't buy a Dodge if your truck never leaves pavement maybe a Dodge is okay. There are trucks in resource based industry that never see a paved road. Some were bought brandnew took into a Coastal gravel mine where the only access is by boat. Same with forestry operations. The trucks run on rough roads and on sharp blast rock which is hard on tires and beats the h*ll out of the truck.

You Dodge lovers can keep your truck I seen what happens to Dodge truck when used for serious work they fall apart. If you have resource based operations using almost exclusively Ford it must say something and no its not because they are cheaper. Ford is one of the most expensive truck to buy Dodge is always 4-5 grand less even diesels.

I LAUGH so frigging hard when you guys brag about your Dodge working hard. Put it in a forestry bush camp or a mine for a year and see how well it does see if it comes back out of camp in one piece.

You look at some of the older Fords 92-97 F-350 4x4 SRW trucks that have had heavy loads on them all the time the overload spring tips are almost worn right through. The bump stops are worn thin. The F-350 4x4 dually service trucks that haven't seen a day since new with 4000lbs of welding gear on its back since new. These trucks were bought as cab and chassis a steel welding deck was put on then a gas powered compressor along with a 400 amp gas welder and toolboxes. Some of these old Fords are 84-86 and have spent all their life in tough conditions.

Untill Dodge lives up to that which they never have and never will you can't class a Dodge as a work truck.

What resource industries do to their work trucks make tough truck competitions look like a cake walk.
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