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Peeing in the bushes pays!!!

You guys will love this one.... and it's all true - I swear.

A week or two ago one of my employees pulled up to a house (across the street from a client of ours), opened the truck door and proceeded to 'whip it out' and began peeing right out of the truck into the street, right next to the yard of the house in front of him. Well, a lady was at home and has an office upstairs and could see right out her window what was happening. She yelled at the employee then called me. I appologized profusely and told her I'd definitely take action against the employee.

Then I called the employee and he admitted it all. He said he just had to go and didn't know where else to do it. Well, needless to say, I let that guy go.

But today I went by the lady's house and introduced myself. I again appologized and offered to do whatever she'd let me to in order to make it up to her. I told her that I had taken action against the employee and didn't want her to think bad of our company or that he was representative of the rest of our staff. To my surprise, she was very forgiving and was almost embarrased she had even called. I re-assured her it was I who was embarrased and she was in the right.

Anyway, long story short, she wouldn't accept my offer to do something for free to make it up to them but instead, booked a $600 job for March with us.

Can you believe it? She hired the company who basically pee'd in her lawn! I guess anything can happen.

Fortunately for me, we already had a great reputation in this neighborhood before this incident and she said she wouldn't tell anyone. So thanks to our existing reputation and my schmoozing her, she not only forgave us but also hired us for some work!

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