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More Photos

I made a little progress yesterday.

Here is a photo of the upflow bog filter lateral assembly. There are 5/8" holes drilled every 6 inches on both sides of each 2" pipe. They face 120 degrees down to make sure and flush the bottom most gravel in the filter. I provided a capped cleanout on each lateral. There will be a 2" flex pvc and a 3" that enter on each side of the assembly running from the Skimmers. There will be about 10" of gravel over the top of the laterals that the bog plants will be planted in.

2nd photo is a shot of the "bottom drain". A piece of pvc with slots cut into it down its length. It runs about 7' long down the deepest part of the pond. It should draw the smaller debris that settles. It runs through a bulkhead in the liner to the skimmer. If I want to increase flow to clean the bottom, I will restrict the skimmer face plate flow.

3rd photo is just a shot of the rocked pond. Pond is now filling. I need to finish out the falls, run my pipe from the skimmers to the bog and and finish out the edges.
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