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Well I have a 1998, 2500 with a V-10. Unfortunately mine was one of the Mexico built ones... The brake system has been giving me fits, have had to rebiuld both rears because of leaking wheel seals, the fronts never seem to be worn out, but the breaking power SUCKS. Mid summer last year my "brake" and "ABS" warning lights came on, but the brakes never seemed to be any worse. I've asked a couple different shops about it, and read online, that more than likely it's a failed sensor and nothing is actually wrong with the brake system itself... I don't know, both shope said they couldn't test for the brake system on their diog. machine.

The rear leaf springs are VERY weak on my truck. I had to have 2 extra leaves added and had the springs re-arched, and the rear still sags a lot with a load of grass.

I have my fingers crossed and knock on wood, a lot, about the transmission... The truck only has about 67,000 miles on it but i've heard that's about the average miles that the mexican built models dump the trans. I'm pulling a 20' trailer, every day with it, loaded with lawn equipment...

Fuel economy is AWEFUL, I was hoping/expectiong to get around 9 to 10, but I get 5 to 6, if I'm lucky. I've tried some of the mods to improve the mileage and they haven't done a thing other than cost more money.

Oh wait, isn't this a thread for people that LIKE their Dodge truck? oops... I can't say as I hate the truck. I think any vehicle that pulls a large trailer daily is going to have some issues. Plus it's 10 years old now, reguardless of the low miles, that's a lot of time on parts. I also don't know the true life it had prior to me owning it. Don't know if i'd rather have a diesel or not, because of the price per gallon, and the inital extra 4 grand in cost.
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