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Well i just had the tranny rebuilt last fall at 105000 mi the brakes on mine do sucks but its just a fact of life ive learned to look far down the road and most of my driving is in town so it dont break much over 50 usualy. This truck has been worked hard from day one and i know that but it has been relativly reliable for a 96 model and yes 5-6 is my average and everyone has said thats all you can get no more no less just what it is. They way i look at mine is its paid for and is it worth an extra 20 grand in a new truck thats still gas powered to get 3-4 mi per gallon more? Right now its not to me any way. O ya and as for the rear end being excessivly weak its a dodge thing give up on the re arching and all that junk go with firestone air bags i have on both my diesel and v 10 and they work great also spring for a few more hundred dollars and get the pump and in cab gauge
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